MAOR 210 - Special Topic: Cultural Mapping

This course introduces students to practice, projects and scholarship associated with cultural mapping, particularly related to Māori and Indigenous resource management. Field and lab exercises in surveying and mapping will enable students to produce cultural atlases of their own.

GPS, map reading

Students are trained to use Garmin E-Trex GPS devices to mark and locate sites. This enables them to find archaeological sites on large scale maps, and map sites that are unmarked.

Field trip geo-journals

Students compile digital photographs and field notes into Google Earth as a personal record of their field trip (in 2011, to Te Ika a Maru Bay and in 2012, to Makara).

Mapping projects

Students choose a place-based project of relevance to them and compile their research using Google Earth, Google Maps, Quantum GIS or a non-Cartesian or 'artographic' mapping medium.